Atkinson Brass Co. AG2K Double Horn

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Atkinson's PHILOSOPHY: "PERFECTION Takes Time." Atkinson Geyer Model AG2Ks ( aka AG2000 ) are meticulously made one at a time with finely fitted joints, artful bracing, and polished to a mirror finish. Sounds great? We don't stop there! It has a wonderful balance and is physically light to reduce fatigue and improve response. We make everything in house and use both old world techniques and modern computer technology. Still not enough? The high register and sound are magical, the staccatos are crisp, while the legatos are smooth and fluid, allowing you to let your artistry shine.

The AG2K is the only Horn in the WORLD made with original Geyer valve and bore sizes so we can truly say there is a bit of Carl Geyer in every AG2K that you order. Our tubes are precision drawn to give you consistent thickness and hand fitted slides for smooth pulling. The crooks are formed in hardened steel molds using carbide balls to give you a glass-like interior finish to resist corrosion from the inside. Bells are hand cut, formed, and spun to original Chicago-Geyer dimensions. Pitch is critical and set at A440-A442 with optimum mouthpiece fit into the mouthpipe. We employ only the finest in materials with over 50 years of experience and a family tradition of EXCELLENCE!! We offer you "European tradition imported from BURBANK, CALIFORNIA!!