Beginner Student Instrument Rental

Renting an instrument for your child from Buckeye Brass & Winds has never been easier and more flexible!

When renting an instrument from Buckeye Brass & Winds, you can return the instrument or switch instruments at any time! We have beginning student rental instruments dedicating to the following school districts:

Jonathan Alder
Buckeye Valley
Teays Valley
St. Joseph's Montesory School
Grove City Christian
St. John's Lutheran
Grandview Edison Middle School

*Please note that If your student does not go to one of the districts that we service above, please contact us regarding possible options.



To rent an instrument from Buckeye Brass and Winds, please fill out the Rental Agreement Form below.

Instruments available:

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Baritone
  • Percussion Kit


The Buckeye Brass and Winds Instrument Rental Process looks like this:


  1. Fill out the form below. All fields on the form are required. If you are unable to fill out a field, please write “N/A” for now and when we contact you we will ask for the needed information.
  2. Once received, we will contact you via a phone call to obtain payment information.
  3. We will be delivering the ordered instruments and requested accessories to the school. You do not need to visit our location as long as we have been able to obtain all the requested contact and payment information.
  4. Service for the instrument is included in the contract.  As long as the instrument is located at a school district that we service, you do not need to bring the instrument to our location for service.  We will pick up and drop off as needed. 


To download a copy of the Rental Terms for your records, click here