Proteus by Rovner Clarinet Barrel

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The rectangular bore clarinet barrel.

Band students (and woodwind doublers!) will notice better intonation and greater ease of play!
Band directors will find a powerful and cost-effective tool for improving clarinet performance!
Experienced players will notice increased clarity of throat tones and increased tonal dimension, more even scales, improved articulation, more incisive and dynamic response and improved altissimo! 

  • Superior intonation and greater ease of play for every level player, from the developing student to the pro "doubler" who struggles with intonation when moving from sax to clarinet. 
  • Revolutionary, patented approach allows the player to personalize the playing experience by rotating the barrel for the most dynamic response
  • Available in sizes 62 to 68 to assist in achieving the best possible tuning
  • Constructed of our durable, attractive "pro-finish" polymer... stable in all weather conditions
  • Clean by wiping with a damp cloth. Do not submerge! Spray with sanitizer if desired