Rampone and Cazzani Two Voices Soprano Saxophone

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Taking inspiration from artist musicians and proud to show our strong attachment to the unique village of Quarna Sotto, our home above Lake Orta in the Northwest part of the Italian Alps, we today offer TRUE VOICES Saxophone series to reflect the voice of Quarna and its surrounding area. The TWO VOICES series represents the voice of Quarna through our passionate and ongoing research in offering musicians a new voice on saxophone. This is achieved by carefully and thoughtfully combining Bronze and Solid Sterling Silver in homage to artist CARLO CASANOVA (The Very Last of the Romantics; 1871 Crema -1950 Quarna Sotto) through his acclaimed etching “Two Voices”, which illustrates the village’s two main church towers. Each TRUE VOICE saxophone exhibits a highly detailed and intricate straight line engraving technique that portrays Casanova’s rendition of the church towers; nothing could have described our new saxophone line any better…