Vandoren Series 13 B♭ Clarinet Mouthpieces

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This series offers two different exterior angle of the beak: “Traditional” and «Profile 88». Vandoren has developed the “13 series” mouthpiece specifically for American clarinetists using A440 pitch.

B45: The universal mouthpiece. With an intermediate tip opening and a medium-long facing, it is appreciated by most clarinetists.

M15: Great articulation ease. Offers musicians a colorful spectrum of sound.

B40: Same facing as the B45 with a wider tip rail, it produces a compact and centered sound.

5RV: The time-proven standard for professional musicians. Quality and tradition.

BD5: The perfect balance between a dark, rich, yet compact sound.

M13: More open, the same qualities as the M13, easier to play in the upper register. Its facing gives it a particularly pure sound.